ARCHIVES: Ask Me Anything Mondays

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This Mondays’s Ask Me Anything concludes our “How to Organize a Day, How to Organize a Year” podcast. Thanks to our First Look Access friends for the questions. Cate Emond asks … I recently quit my boring office job in order to pursue my writing and other creative projects full-time. I’ve been reading a lot […]

This week on Ask Me Anything we take a question from Scott Culley. Not related to this week’s question, but this is on my mind a lot lately. What do you do when you’re not “having fun” anymore? What do you do when a project has just become so overwhelmingly frustrating that showing up everyday […]

This week on Ask Me Anything we take a question from Sheri Kleintop. She asks … In your book, The War of Art, the focus is recognizing and facing Resistance head on. Throughout the ages, women such as Gorgo, Jackie Kennedy and women in every household across the globe have (had) an obligation to nurture, […]

Today, Lynn Barrett asks us … How do you know when you need a break? TRANSCRIPT: Steve: Are you asking me or yourself? Shawn: I’m asking you, and then I want to follow up because I have an idea, too. Steve: Okay. I come from this school of “I never need a break”. In fact, […]