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So you’ve got a cover image that you’re happy with. The title and the image Yin and Yang around the territory of the global theme of the work. You’ve also got a solid short quote from a respected source and/or a respected figure in the book’s genre featured prominently on the front. Something like “The […]

I’m going to take a break from my series on packaging today to write about what Steve wrote about this past Wednesday. I know you’re Steve Pressfield fans extraordinaire and you probably had your usual “Geez that Pressfield sure knows what he’s talking about” moments a few days back. But I think his last post […]

So you’re happy with your title for your novel. How do you translate that title to a cover image? Before I launch into my own private cover principles, though, I do need to point out that there is no rule book that I know of for book packaging. That’s not to say that I don’t […]

My last post was about practical ways to create alluring titles for fiction. What about nonfiction? How do you approach that? You’re probably going to roll your eyes reading this, but I’ll write it again anyway. The best place to start when figuring out the appropriate title for your magnum opus is…GENRE. Here are my […]

[To read more of Shawn’s stuff, visit] Here’s the second in my series of posts about book packaging…  A well known and mostly contented writer I know refuses to reveal the title of his novels before he completes them. He creates no title page for his drafts, nor does he utter the words to […]